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Fabulous Events. Unforgettable Food.

We are Host Olympia, the exclusive catering partner of Olympia Events. Our mission is to deliver unforgettable dining experiences, time and time again. After all, great food is the beating heart of a wonderful event.

Our food

Indulge in the finest flavours at Host Olympia, where every dish is a culinary masterpiece. Enjoy juicy beef burgers, hoisin chicken with egg noodles, Malaysian chicken curry, and sweet potato falafel wraps. Each culinary creation at Host Olympia is meticulously prepared using locally sourced, seasonal, and fresh ingredients procured from our esteemed London Larder.

Explore a world of tastes with our diverse menu. From sumptuous vegan delicacies to our innovative Future 50 salads, featuring a selection of ingredients aimed at promoting both personal well-being and environmental sustainability, Host Olympia is committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences with sustainability at our core.

From warm, filling dishes to snappy, fresh bites, our teams create high-quality dining experiences for visitors, organisers and exhibitors alike. With healthy options and also choices suited to specific dietary requirements, there truly is something for everyone.

Each welcoming dining outlet is managed by one of our dedicated chefs, who are experts in their field.

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