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Bespoke Solutions

Our operations here at Host Olympia are defined by our ability to create a tailored event for you.

We recently catered the Growers Supper for Laithwaites Wines, providing service to 250 exhibitors and organisers. Our hospitality team delivered an unforgettable family-style dining experience to all attendees. 

Host Olympia offers a few different ways to make an organiser’s event truly their own. We are particularly proud of our ability to create bespoke menus and to customise each mobile unit to the organiser brief.

We are also able to propose a range of versatile restaurant services. We specialise in pop-up restaurants that flourish... We offer organisers evolved, high-end food experiences, alongside our fixed, mobile and hospitality offerings.

José Pizarro Pop-up Restaurant

Led by José Pizarro, a celebration of culinary artistry and a testament to the versatility of Spanish flavours. We were thrilled to introduce our exclusive pop-up restaurant experience at Olympia Events. This unique offering was your passport to an extraordinary journey of flavours, where tradition met innovation, and every bite was a celebration of Spanish excellence.

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