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Our Food

Host Olympia offers captivating meals that are expertly crafted using a local supply chain and fresh, organic ingredients.

You’ll find a variety of menus to suit every palate, with a passionate chef behind each dish.

Our Food

We care about the food we create and deeply believe in creating unforgettable dining experiences for our guests. Our commitment to using the highest-quality ingredients is reflected in the outstanding flavours of our dishes. Soft, flaky pastries. Juicy, premium burgers. Fresh, zingy lemonade. We deliver blends of flavours and spices that promise to truly enhance and elevate your experience of your day.

London Larder

All of our produce comes from our very own specialist supply chain, London Larder. This is made up of a variety of ethical, organic and local suppliers. We believe that high-quality ingredients are the founding base of great menus, and that is certainly reflected in the food we source and prepare for organisers, exhibitors and visitors alike.

London Larder Map
Olympia London
Olympia London

Handcrafted in 1886 Olympia London is more than an events space. It’s where culture and heritage come together to create inspiring experiences for everyone who steps through our doors.

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paul rhodes logo
Paul Rhodes Bakery 8.72 miles from Olympia London

Founded in 2003 by Pierre Koffmann protégé and former Michelin-starred chef Paul Rhodes, Paul Rhodes Bakery is one of the leading independent bakeries in London, specialising in handcrafted breads and pastries, all made using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques.

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union coffee logo
Union Coffee 9.21 miles from Olympia London

Step into Union’s east London roastery and you’ll find roastmasters stood over Probat and Loring roasters, tending to each small batch with care. The roastmasters are experts at bringing the best flavour out of each particular coffee. Union roasts all their coffee fresh to order, which means you receive it as fresh and tasty as it gets.

Union is founded on the principle of marrying high quality speciality coffee with responsible sourcing, making coffee better for everyone from drinkers to farmers.

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cobble lane cured logo
Cobble Lane Cured 5.53 miles from Olympia London

Specialist butchery in Islington, London. They cut, cure, smoke and hang meats supplied by a small selection of high-quality British producers and farmers.

Cobble Lane Cured started to make fermented and air-dried products using British meat, drawing on the experience and skills two of our founders had developed over years in the butchery trade. Having worked under some of Europe’s greatest charcutiers in Italy, Germany and Poland, the team brings a knowledge of butchery, curing, smoking and maturation processes that is unmatched in the UK.

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two tribes logo
Two Tribes Brewery 4.90 miles from Olympia London

Two Tribes Brewery emerged from London's counter-culture.

They unite brewers, artists, musicians, chefs, and craft creators with shared values of fun, freedom, curiosity and creative discovery.  The name reflects the constant thirst to bring new creatives into the fold

Two Tribes is about cold beer and collaboration. It’s that simple.

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wild room logo
The Wild Room 6.20 miles from Olympia London

The Wild Room is a produce supplier specialising in wild mushrooms fresh truffles and foraged produce. Wild mushrooms have a broad range of impressive, distinct flavours with great nutritional benefits. we follow the seasons from forest to forest, selecting the finest wild mushrooms from around the world.

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paxton and whitfield logo
Paxton & Whitfield 3.29 miles from Olympia London

Paxton & Whitfield was first recorded as a partnership in 1797, but its origins began in 1742 when Stephen Cullum set up a cheese stall in Aldwych market. As London became increasingly affluent Sam Cullum (Stephen's son) moved his cheese business closer to his wealthy customer base, near to Jermyn Street where there is still a shop today. He also took on two new partners - Harry Paxton and Charles Whitfield. Ironically it is their names, not his, which grace the shop fronts now. The Company's reputation grew steadily, culminating in 1850 with the honour of being appointed cheesemonger to HM Queen Victoria. It was the first of many Royal Warrants that the Company has held.

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sally clark logo
Sally Clarke Bakery 1.07 miles from Olympia London

Sally Clarke Bakery was established in 1989 to meet the growing demand for their top-quality, hand-shaped artisan breads, Viennoiserie and patisserie.

The bakery incorporate naturally fermented levain into most of their doughs, thus limiting the use of yeast. This extends the length of the production process and adds to both the complexity of the taste as well as the longevity of the breads.

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belazu logo
Belazu 6.92 miles from Olympia London

Bringing the best chefs and the best ingredients together since 1991. Mediterranean Ingredient supplier to pro chefs and home cooks. Belazu source authentic raw materials from the riches of the Mediterranean terroir, because of the near-perfect conditions of the soil, climate, air, and sun. Combined with minimal interference in nature, the best ingredients are produced.

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london essence logo
London Essence 19.91 miles from Olympia London

London Essence journey starts on the banks of the Thames in 1896, where the founders of The London Essence Company began to develop exquisite essences, for the city’s finest perfume houses.

Using a pioneering distillation process, combined with the intricate art of layering flavours, they created delicate essences, unparalleled in depth and fragrance.

Inspired by the careful craft and imagination of the original firm, The London Essence Company now creates luxurious drinks, with purest flavours derived from quality ingredients.

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ellis wines logo
Ellis Wines 8.69 miles from Olympia London

ELLIS WINES Purveyor of hand selected wines from around the world. An independent, family owned on-trade wine business, established in 1822 in Richmond. With a rich history based on traditional ethos of partnership and value.

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H Forman and Son Logo
H. Forman & Son 8.56 miles from Olympia London

H. Forman & Son is the last of the original London smokehouses. Remaining faithful to principles established in 1905 – the freshest salmon, a little salt, just the right amount of oak smoke – Lance Forman is upholding traditional values and skills that would otherwise have died out long ago.

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hg walter logo
HG Walter 0.75 miles from Olympia London

HG Walter, an independent family-run butcher committed to changing the way people eat meat. Established in 1972 by Peter Heanen, they have become one of London’s most respected butchers, supplying some of the best chefs and restaurants, and of course our loyal customers, with the very best of British meat rating highly in provenance, welfare, and flavour.

The meat is predominantly sourced from small farms rearing free-range native breeds. These native breeds, such as Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle and Hampshire Duroc pigs, are known for yielding the best meat in the world, their natural diets and slow growth producing excellent marbling and fat content, allowing a superior depth of flavour.

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waste knot logo
Waste Knot 7.65 miles from Olympia London

Waste Knot came about as a way of getting surplus veg out of farmers’ fields and into chefs’ kitchens.

The ambition is to make sure the farmer is paid and receives a commercial value for produce at the same time as helping the hospitality sector to enhance its sustainability credentials. We will continue until every overlooked fruit and vegetable is restored to its rightful place.

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london honey company logo
The London Honey Company 6.18 miles from Olympia London

The London Honey Company are dedicated to the production of extraordinary British honey and passionate in the pursuit of the continued craft of beekeeping, its traditions and methods.

From the Kent coast, to the rolling Cotswolds, to the high Shropshire Hills, the slow beekeeping methods have created a distinctive range of pure natural honeys for all the world to enjoy.

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james knight logo
James Knight of Mayfair 4.8 miles from Olympia London

James Knight have been providing the highest quality, coastal fresh fish to the population of London & the South through restaurants, bars, hotels and many other fresh food outlets for over 100 years.  They are proud to have held the Royal Warrant as Fishmongers to Her Majesty The Queen.  Their story began in 1908 in a humble shop in Shepherd’s Market and are now the capital’s largest independent seafood wholesaler, delivering fresh fish daily from their Vauxhall site.  Driven by addressing what matters to them and their customers, James Knight’s believe in a sustainable fishing industry and paying attention to the following:

Having respect for the sea. Its contents are a finite resource, so their products tell a story of good fishing, sustainability and aquaculture practice.

Paying suppliers a fair price, and seeing it reciprocated by customers, making relationships collaborative and honest.

Products never being artificially treated or excessively handled as this undermines quality and freshness.

Employing generations of trained, passionate fishmongers who take pride in their work and the quality of product delivered. Currently James Knight have over 180 years of experience amongst their fishmongers.

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london borough of jam logo
London Borough of Jam 8.05 miles from Olympia London

Lillie O’Brien established London Borough of Jam in 2011, following five years as pastry chef at St John Bread & Wine in London, United Kingdom. LBJ preserves are made in small batches and cooked for a shorter time compared to generic brands. The flavour is honest and unadulterated; it is fruit-driven, rather than sugar-driven. When tasting LBJ preserves you will always taste the fruit first followed by the sugar and a special complimentary flavour. London Borough of Jam uses natural, unrefined sugars and no commercial pectins. LBJ preserves contain no more than 4 ingredients and are dairy free & vegan.

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brindisa logo
Brindisa 4.89 miles from Olympia London

The company name comes from the word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast, and the work over the past 30 years has been to toast and celebrate the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all the exceptional foods of Spain.

In essence, the business is a tribute to the people who create the remarkable cheeses, hams, meats, fish, and a huge selection of other ingredients that are now enjoyed in the UK.

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smith and brock logo
Smith and Brock 9.8 miles from Olympia London

Founded in 2016 by brothers Joe and Nick. Supplying fresh fruit and vegetable, dairy, dried, & fine foods. Smith and Brock searched far and wide to ensure they work with the best; from Marché International de Rungis, growers from the coast of Italy, the mountains of Spain to Kent countryside, they work with the most sustainable growers producing the highest possible quality.

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wild harvest logo
Wild Harvest 15.47 miles from Olympia London

Wild Harvest prides itself on providing the best seasonal produce to customers all year round. The team of buyers are all connoisseurs of procuring gourmet food, and source speciality produce ranging from wonderful fruit and vegetables to delicious meat and dairy from producers around the UK and internationally.

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ridgeview logo
Ridgeview Wine 39.54 miles from Olympia London

For more than 25 years, Ridgeview has been producing world-class sparkling wines.  They planted the vineyards at the time when many believed that producing English wine just couldn’t be done.  Today, the English wine industry is thriving and Ridgeview feel immense pride for the role they have played in it.

They promise to deliver a memorable moment in every glass, that is not only through the award-winning taste of our sparkling wine, but the occasion up which you choose to open a bottle.

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