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On Floor Catering

Host Olympia’s ability to cater exactly to your needs is driven by our core values of agility and flexibility.

As an organiser, you are able to select your catering from a diverse portfolio of mobile food units. From champagne bars to coffee carts, each of our units offer a different cuisine and dining experience.

Mobile Fleet

Our mobile outlets will feel like independent operators for your guests, however, they all are unified under the Host Olympia operation. This allows us to create a seamless, comprehensive and holistic management experience for you.

With over 20 distinct brands, our mobile units offer authentic street-food style dining. Each reflects a current high-street trend.

A sparkling display of elegance imbued with refinement and luxury. Visitors will be spoiled for choice with an array of wines, champagnes and delicious platters in this luxurious venue.

Flavourful bowls of aromatic noodles promise to liven up any audience’s day.  With ingredients such as zingy onion, ginger, soy, tofu, pak choy and more, it’s a real taste sensation. The gyoza is also fantastic and includes vegan and vegetarian options such as the Vegan Spicy Vegetable Gyoza.

If there’s one thing the USA knows how to do well, it’s a sun-soaked summertime barbecue. Burgers and hot dogs straight off the grill and fried buttermilk chicken will have guests feeling happy and full. At Bonnie’s, it’s all about community and comfort.

A sparkling display of elegance imbued with refinement and luxury. Visitors will be spoiled for choice with an array of wines, champagnes and delicious platters in this luxurious venue.

Comfort food at its finest. Whether it’s the simple cheese toastie, or the decadent Reblechon in tarteflette, we serve up all things cheese. How about cheesy chips with bacon bits for the ultimate chips fix? Stacks of cheeses and smoked hams entice hungry visitors to this popular option.

However you like your chicken, we have a treat in store for you. Your options range from tender piri-piri chicken served in a soft bun, to a delicious lemon and herb skewered kebab in khobez bread with pickles and salad. Choose from a selection of sides, including corn cobs and homemade slaw.

Coe’s Coffee Cart offers speciality coffee and artisan bakery snacks. Whether it’s the first cup in the morning or an afternoon pick me up with a slice of cake, this is much more than a standard coffee unit. Pop by for a cappuccino and try our delicious artisan sausage rolls or seasonal homemade bakes and gluten free options.

It’s hard not to feel immediately at home with Cooper’s Tap House. Whether it’s a locally sourced craft ale or a specially created Olympia London IPA, Cooper’s will always have something delicious on tap. Warm and welcoming, with a great personality, delivering the best of times.

Savory, sweet, shortcrust or puff pastry – pies have been the subject of British gourmet love affairs since the 12th century. From vegetarian quiches to giant scotch eggs to the great British traditional pie, our chefs have created a perfect 'Famously British' menu. 

We’re jumping on the gin wagon and we’re completely loving it. Serving crisp gin and tonic or Prosecco from our re-designed, restored Citroen H van, we do it in style. Guests can combine any of our selection of world-class gins with any Fever Tree tonics, or just sit back with a glass of bubbly.

Be transported to vibrant, beautiful India, with Gopal’s Indian Tandoor. Spicing up any event, Gopal’s offers Samosas, Tandoor Lamb and Tandoor Chicken amongst many other meals. Take your pick and be blown away! 

A sparkling display of elegance imbued with refinement and luxury. Visitors will be spoiled for choice with an array of wines, champagnes and delicious platters in this luxurious venue.

Live Well National is our healthy eating outlet with a portfolio of tasty, balanced recipes designed by nutritionists and chefs. From refreshing and energizing juices to fruity yoghurt pots and superfood salads, the menu has been designed to support visitors with portion-controlled choices throughout the day.

Warm, filling, delicious Italian food is always a great crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love a cheesy slice of pizza, or a perfect al dente pasta? Here, visitors will be energized by the hearty and authentic Italian meals on offer.

Delicious little bites which pack big punches on flavour. You’ll be quickly transported to the Mediterranean home of these tapas, with delicious regional Jamon Iberico or Sardine escabeche. Bread-based meat, fish and vegetarian options crowd the stall, and there’s something for everyone with this diverse range of flavours.

Evoking the warm sun and relaxation through authentic Mediterranean flavours, Paella is an absolute must-have. Always sure to go down a treat, this rice and seafood-based offering adds an irresistibly tasty summertime atmosphere to any event.

What’s an event without a glass of prosecco to celebrate? This bubbly little drink has swept the nation, and it’s not just for those warm summer days - it’s perfect for all year round! Why not mix it up; from elderflower cordial to Chambord and fruit toppings there’s something for everyone at our Prosecco Shack.

Hot and spicy, Santiago’s tongue-tingling chicken is one for a fiery meal! It’s healthier than other classic chicken dishes, as it’s grilled, and it’s tastier because it’s expertly spiced and paired with sensational flavours like sweet potato, tomato, basil and more.

The enticing smell of sizzling sausages and braised onions offers a sensory treat for hungry visitors. A choice of traditional sausages from around the world, from the dependable Cumberland to the exotic South African Boerewors. This is no ordinary sausage sarnie.

Sea Dogs offers a premium take on the classic fish finger sandwich. Served in a long brioche bun with tartare sauce and finished with peppery rocket, the seadog is an imaginative iteration of a humble childhood favourite. A popular choice with both adults and children alike.

So much more than a meal to finish off a night out. Kebabs are our versatile and surprising little superstar. Like many fast-food favourites, the Shish is making its way to many lunch time menus. With a choice of lamb, chicken or falafel, all taste buds can be tingled. Served on a khobez flatbread, with a selection of sauces.

Chopsticks at the ready! Sushi is the order of the day and nobody does it quite like us. We’ve sashimi-d our way round the best sushi and collected the very finest. Expect platters of cut rolls tightly wrapped with nori or glistening slices of fish, beautifully presented with slivers of vegetables and dots of wasabi.

Tacos is the ideal venue for traditional Mexican dishes with a twist! Our tacos are made to order, based on each customer’s taste. Choose from fillings including Harissa lamb, pulled pork or veggie taco options. Fully loaded with classic homemade guacamole, pico de gallo and topped with sour cream.

Thai food is hugely popular – and with good reason! Audiences can’t get enough of the delicious, spiced and aromatic flavours. Stop for a tastebud-tingling vegan Thai Red Tofu, Mushroom and Vegetable Curry. For the meat-eaters, the Thai Green Chicken Curry is unmissable. 

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